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30 days to a stronger you starts April 1st.

Welcome to a workout where you totally let loose...and don’t count the minutes till it’s over. 

A workout where sweat-soaked = post class glow and you walk on air all day long. 

Enter Jazzercise, the original dance party workout that’ll energize, motivate, and transform your fitlife this April
for only $75 – no strings attached!

Because Everything Is More Fun With Prizes

This April, we’ve got an all-new challenge that results in our most irresistible reward yet.  

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up with us for only $75 – no strings attached.
  2. Get unlimited strength & dance cardio fitness classes from April 1-30.
  3. Reach the attendance goal in April set by your local studio (usually 20-25 classes but check with your local instructors).
  4. Once you’ve completed the classes, you earn your very own set of go-anywhere muscle-sculpting mini-bands...just in time to use them in a new class format in May! 

Get in your workout at the studio, on livestream or outdoors: wherever you are!

Join the April Challenge
One month $75.
No strings attached.
Don’t wait. We get started on April 1st.


What To Expect

Burn up to 800 calories in each 55-minute workout that blends dance cardio with Pilates, yoga, kickboxing and strength training. World class FitPros combine easy-to-follow moves (we promise) with hit music so your workout is always motivating and fresh. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of classes and hear some killer playlists that will have you saying bye-bye boring and hello long, lean muscle.

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Here’s What You Get:


Unlimited Classes

Sweat it out as often as you want (warning: these classes are addictive!)


In-Person and Online Options

Whether you work out at home or in location, it’s your choice. Check your local schedule for options.


Your Sweat Squad

Connect with a global community in our private Facebook group. We’re fun, fabulous, and love making new friends.

Plus your chance to score your own set of muscle-sculpting mini-bands…
just in time for a new class format coming in May!

See What Jazzercise Nation Has To Say:


 “Honestly, I never liked exercise. I got bored easily and dreaded going to the gym. When I rediscovered Jazzercise, I knew I had found the exercise program I could stick with. Exercise wasn’t a chore anymore! I looked forward to going and getting some “me time,” stress relief, cardio, strength training and social time.”

- Margaux M.


"I started my Jazzercise journey 6 months ago and as of today I have it to thank for my renewed energy and 40 lbs weight loss! I celebrated with Shanna's Dance HIIT 45 class and it was 🔥"

- Michelle H.


“The Jazzercise community has been a source of constant support. I can walk into my classes every day and know that I have a shoulder to lean on, a friend to push me past my limits, music to uplift me and an instructor who believes in me. I love that in an hour I can relieve stress, burn calories and smile bigger than I have all day because of the friends that I’ve made!”

- Jaime A.


“Before and after my Interval Fusion class today. I’ve been struggling with my emotions recently, and was feeling especially cranky about working out at home this morning but after my workout I’ve sweat my cares away, and I am ready to make this a great day. Thanks Jazzercise for helping me turn this day around!”

- Anna K.


Seriously the best thing I've done for myself. Shout out to your instructors who are an inspiration and just so real!”

- Sarah E.