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An unprecedented 2-hour livestream event designed to support your local Jazzercise business. Join us for full-body workouts, restorative stretches, immunity-boosting recipes and a dance party finale you won’t want to miss. And it helps support your local Jazzercise classes!


It’s time to say Ciao 2020, hello hope.

Dance it out and support your local Jazzercise business in a 2-hour fitness event you can enjoy right in your own living room! Your registration (with your location's registration code) supports your local Jazzercise facility so, read on. Then, register!

 The Ciao 2020! livestream event kicks off with expert FitPros who will motivate you through a killer 45-minute dance-based workout called Power Groove. Trust us, you’ll feel the power.

 Then, Jazzercise Founder and CEO Judi Sheppard Missett leads you through her signature Dance Stretch class. Her curative moves lengthen and strengthen and rejuvenate tired muscles.  

After a good sweat sesh and some soul-soothing stretches, it’s time for a snack. Emily Newlands Murphy has the perfect remedy with her restorative muscle repair smoothie recipe. You’ll have your ingredient list in advance so you’re ready to blend up some inspiration.

For the finale, we’ll take a quick trip to Italy with some of our favorite Italian FitPros Luca and Raffaele. They’ll kick it up a notch with a Dance Mixx set you’ll always remember.

In addition to these incredible classes, you also receive a stunning downloadable Ciao Event Booklet and video content filled with fitness tips, recipes and extras. All for $99!

Plus, fully half of your ticket price goes to your local Jazzercise business. Ask your class owner for their registration code and click Save My Spot below!

Don’t wait to reserve your spot. Grab your code and reserve your spot at this 2-hour event that’s guaranteed to relieve the 2020 blahs and have you feeling ready to take on 2021.



Judi Sheppard Missett
Judi is the Founder and CEO of Jazzercise, Inc., the world’s largest dance fitness company. Judi taught her first “dance for fitness and fun” class in 1969. That one class grew over 51 years to hundreds of thousands of customers, a corporate staff of over 150 people and 8,500+ franchises worldwide (can you say #GirlBoss?!). Judi is a renowned fitness advocate and pioneer and has received numerous awards, including four Hall of Fame inductions.
Bio_template_shanna copy
Shanna Missett Nelson
Shanna was born with Jazzercise in her soul! As President of the company and a 30+ year veteran instructor, she oversees all of Jazzercise, Inc.’s business divisions and heads up the corporate management team. Shanna’s daughters, Skyla and Sienna, also share the love for Jazzercise, with Skyla recently becoming a third generation instructor course!
Raffaele Bonora
Raffaele has been teaching Jazzercise for 22 years and runs a center in Italy. He has presented Jazzercise at elite conventions in Europe and performed at international events all over the world including Italy, Switzerland, Scotland, Austria, Las Vegas and Orlando. Ciao bello!
Luca Zoppelletto
Luca has been teaching Jazzercise since 1997 and opened the very first Jazzercise Premier center in Italy in 2013. He has presented in many countries around the world, including Switzerland, England, United States and Australia. In his free time you can find him enjoying his favorite art museums and Italian cuisine.
Bio_template_Young copy
Young McCarthy
Young is the Director of Training and Development at Jazzercise, Inc. but you’ll recognize her from Jazzercise On Demand and Members-Only Livestreams. When she’s not bringing epic sweat sessions to your living room, you can find her spending time with her husband and daughter in SoCal.
Bio_template_emily copy
Emily Newlands Murphy
Emily has been chasséing her way through life since she discovered dance at the age of three. She’s been teaching Jazzercise since 2010 and serves as a Training & Development Specialist. In her free time you can find her cooking up something healthy (and delicious!) on her Instagram page.
Bio_template_toni copy
Toni Pitruzzello
If you’ve ever taken a class with Toni, then you know that this woman brings 👏 it 👏! While her larger-than-life personality loves to be center stage, most days you’ll find her working behind-the-scenes to help bring JOD to thousands of people around the world.
Bio_template_jenn copy
Jenn Holderness
If you love #TechniqueTipTuesday – then you know and love Jenn! She says she fell in love with Jazzercise "at first dance" and was certified as an instructor three short months after that. Jenn is a Training and Development Specialist and Assessment Coordinator at Jazzercise, Inc.


Holly Galloway
Holly has been teaching Jazzercise for over 21 years and just celebrated her 20-year work-iversary at Jazzercise, Inc! She loves being on stage and teaching, but her true happy place is when she’s spending time with her grandchildren.
Shandi Johnson
Known for her million-dollar smile and killer arms, Shandi has been teaching Jazzercise for over 7 years. She lives by the mindset that “success is a series of small wins and a step forward, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction.”
Claire LaBreche
Claire is not only Jazzercise, Inc.’s Training & Development Manager, but she’s also been teaching Jazzercise for over 8 years. She credits Jazzercise with helping to shape her into becoming the best version of herself as a wife, mother, and professional.
Grace Douglass
Grace was introduced to Jazzercise at the age of just 13 when she took her first class with her mom. Almost 10 years later she is now an instructor and couldn’t love her Jazzercise fam more!


With Replays at 1 PM, 4 PM and 7 PM PST
10:45 am PST
With Shanna Missett Nelson, Young McCarthy, Emily Newlands Murphy,
Toni Pitruzzello, Jenn Holderness plus special guest appearances
11:00 am PST
with Jazzercise Founder & CEO, Judi Sheppard Missett
11:15 AM PST
with Emily Newlands Murphy
12noon PST
with Italian FitPros Raffaele Bonora and Luca Zoppelletto


Review our FAQ for any questions or concerns you may have about the event, here.